Reviews for Therapy for the Body Massage

Below are a few client testimonials I have received! I really appreciate the honest feedback from my massage clients as well as their continued referrals of friends for my services! Thank you!

Michelle is an excellent therapist.  I am relaxed, at peace, ready for the world! 

Rita B. February 10, 2020

Wow, loved my first massage by Michelle and it will not be my last. I highly recommend Michelle.

Karin J. February 10, 2020

I've received massage for nearly 20 years of my life and while on the search for a good massage therapist here in Central Oregon, and Michelle came highly recommended. She is nothing short of amazing. Kind, caring, intuitive, gentle, purposeful and her prices are very reasonable. I will absolutely be purchasing more massages with her!

Chun Xia February 10, 2020

Michelle Kwok is amazing. Since my car was t-boned Michelle’s massages have enabled to return to most of my former activities. She is experienced and has the ability to assess and address the problems I’ve had.

Lynda H. February 10, 2020

Michelle Kwok is an excellent massage therapist. She is very accommodating and really listens to the patient before deciding how she will treat the condition. She is very professional, and has diverse knowledge that results from her extensive training credentials from New York. Michelle combines masotherapy with specific Rossiter stretches to help one achieve results. She is kind and personable.

Cindy G. February 10, 2020

Oh my God this was the best massage I have ever had in my life… if you have any consideration for your body and health, then definitely Michelle is the person to treat you! Her knowledge and professionalism are second to none! I highly, highly recommend her for an out of this world experience!

Avi March 21, 2022

Michelle is one of the very best massage therapists I have been to. She helps relieve stress and pain and I always feel so much better and relaxed after seeing her. She is amazing!

Darcy M. February 10, 2020

For a couple of years now, I've had severe nerve pain originating in my left hip which causes numbness in my knee while walking and consistent pain that keeps me up at night. MRIs, x-rays, orthopedic visits, exercises - nothing helped! But Michelle was able to help me to sleep after even just my first 90-minute massage and we're well on the way to an overall improvement in the way my body functions. She's amazing!

Sara S. February 10, 2020

Michelle is a very professional and intuitive massage therapist. I had a swollen Achilles and she did a great job focusing on that area and felt great the next day. Recommend highly. 

Peter K. February 10, 2020

Michelle is knowledgeable about her profession. She has guided me through my injury related to my neck and shoulder. I trust her 100% with regard to her skillset. She is a lovely person with sincere interest in mindful health.

Mattie L. February 10, 2020

Michelle is awesome. Best massage ever! 

Gwen B. February 10, 2020

Michelle has a natural gift and never fails to help me feel better! I highly recommend getting regular massages with her, as she works WITH you, not on you. In addition, I love that she's always studying a new technique and is always up to date with her research, peer review articles and additional training. I couldn't be happier with Michelle!

Shannon H. February 10, 2020

Michelle is terrific! She takes care to find out what your problem spots may be each visit. She gives a great massage, very therapeutic and relaxing. I highly recommend Michelle.

Maureen R. May 19, 2022

Michelle is a 5 star massage therapist. She is kind, knowledgeable, thorough and makes you feel at ease. I have been going to her for the last several months and I always look forward to it. Working in healthcare is stressful on the body, and she always is able to relieve muscle tension and pain in different parts of the body. As a bonus, she takes health insurance! I cannot recommend her enough.

Grace B. December 2, 2021

Just left your table and all I can say is, WOW. I feel like I have a new neck. Seriously, it feels fluid and mobile and new. Wonderful! Thank you so much!

Julie N. February 10, 2020

Michelle works wonders for my husband's back. He does alot of heavy physical work and feels it in his back, but when he comes back from Michelles he walks straighter, has less pain, and feels renewed. She gets the job done!

Alycia M. February 10, 2020

I have found my favorite massage therapist. Michelle does just what you ask for to address your particular issues, as deep or as gentle as you like.

Jo G. January 24, 2022

Amazing work! Michelle has created a warm and welcome environment and has an amazing touch. I was able to relax and release tension! I highly recommend her for your next massage!

Jessica G. February 10, 2020